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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mission Ambition Helps Out

The other day Mission Ambition, a local camp focussed on improving the mind and body through various fun activities, visited the garden to learn and help out. While they learned many things in their time there, their main purpose was to prepare two garden beds. They achieved this through weeding, planting, and then mulching the two beds with either newspaper or corn husks. The items planted varied greatly from squash to cantaloupe​, but us here at the garden will make sure they grow as best they can. A special thanks to Mission Ambition for spending part of their morning with us!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Garden Update July 8, 2017

Shorty before a storm rolled in, I took a trip to see how the garden was doing. Currently, the butterfly garden is fairing well. The flowers are either bloomed or blooming and are very beautiful. The rest of the garden needs more of this summer season to grow and reach their full potential. Thanks to the current storm, the garden inhabitants will be well watered for the rest of the day.